The Feel Good Club

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The Feel Good Club is:

- a virtual place where you can get ideas for Feeling Good more of the time. You can sign up to the FREE email Monthly Motivational Message. In our Feel Good FORUM you can find ideas for books to read, music to tune to, films to watch and things to buy all with one common theme: The Feel Good Factor. You can also join our Forum and add your own views on what Feels Good.

- and real places in the UK where we host public events focused on helping you develop techniques and tactics for dealing with life and getting more of what you want from it. Based on NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and other successful techniques, ancient and modern, you’ll learn how to help yourself Feel Good more of the time, manage other people and make more good stuff happen.

Feel Good Club live events are presented by NLP Master Practitioner Pam Burrows and you can hear her live on BBC Radio Nottingham on the 1st Monday of every month giving her monthly motivational message.


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Meet the newest member of The Feel Good Team; HappyHam!

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