The Feel Good Club

Feel Good and Eat Better

Where: Strelley Hall, Nottingham, NG8 6PE
When: 18 January, 2014
Time: 10:00 - 4:00


Join us for a day of relaxing, energising, rejuvenating a learning a range of new skills and techniques…

Do you want to lose weight or just eat more healthily?
Post Christmas food and drink, post New Year Resolutions, will you be hoping for an easier way to get yourself a healthier body?
This intensive, interactive Feel Good Day is all about you, your health and your well being.
It’s a kickstart to the healthiest and most sustainable lifestyle so far. No more yo-yo dieting, no more deprivation, just tried and tested techniques to motivate, energise and support you to eat the right things and the right amounts for your body.
Explore the physiological reasons for cravings, addictions and over eating
Discover the easiest ways to choose healthy food
Learn how to lose or maintain weight without the agony
Crash cravings and bust through food ‘addictions’ to chocolate, sweets, cake, peanuts – anything!

What you’ll get on the day:
1) Powerful Neurolinguistic Programming techniques – ways to crash cravings, build stamina and make better eating choices.
2) Yogic breathing techniques – to calm and heal the body.
3) Hormonal, chemical and neurological facts about bodies and food. The psychological and physiological facts that mean you don’t have to rely on ‘will-power’ to eat well.
4) Easy ways to bust through the emotions that make us comfort eat – Cravings Buster!
5) A personalised ‘Feel Good Eat Better plan for you to take away, help build new habits, maintain your motivation and keep those good feelings going.
IN ADDITION: Enjoy a ‘power lunch’ to give you a tasty experience of how the right nutrition helps you Feel Good.
FREE: Your ticket entitles you to attend a session of The Feel Good Club fortnightly meeting in Nottingham, absolutely free!
FREE: You will also receive a complimentary audio recording in digital format to support and power up your new motivation.
ALSO: Sign up to the free Monthly Motivational Message for a regular inspirational booster by email.
We all need a little help sometimes; this is a chance to invest a day in your own well being.
Normally £75 per person including refreshments, lunch and support materials

Introductory offer £55, saving you £25.
2 ticket offer: £100 for two people booking together, saving £10.

At the beautiful Strelley Hall, Nottingham NG8 6PE
from 10am until 4pm on Saturday January 18th 2014
For details and booking call Pam on 07974309442 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Feel Good and Eat Better – Saturday January 18th 2014

Feel Good and Motivate your Body – Date to be confirmed

Feel Good and De-Stress – Date to be confirmed

Feel Good and Be Confident – Date to be confirmed

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Pam Burrows is a Master Practitioner in NLP and has been coaching and training people in personal and professional skills for over 20 years. Find out more about Pam at